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Complex ablation of supraventricular arrhythmia in a patient with congenital heart disease

A male patient currently in his mid-30s was born with D-transposition of the great arteries. As a child, he underwent an atrial switch procedure to physiologically correct the defect. The patient has been followed by his adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) cardiologist at the USC CVTI for several years, during which time he has been receiving treatment for heart failure and significantly reduced systemic right ventricular function. The patient also has comorbidities that include obstructive sleep apnea, obesity, hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

Adults with congenital heart disease need specialized care

Patients living with ACHD are surviving longer, reaching ages where they develop standard age-related comorbidities. In addition, ACHD patients often are more sedentary than their peers, as they frequently self-limit physical activity, further leading to the development of other cardiovascular comorbidities.